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Inspire Suite - Farnborough International Air Show

Back in 2020, prior to lockdown tpd were about to install the Inspire suite in Hall 1 for the Farnborough Air Show. Fast forward 2 years and we're on-site and ready to go!



The multipurpose space was primarily for dining - private, formal, informal and grab & go. In additon, the suite would host the welome recpetion to the largest and arguably most famous air show in the UK. Contemporary and tranquil luxurious and stylish, this space had a big job to do and it does it all very well. The signature colours of the Farnbourugh Air Show featured across the entire space and each element of the bespoke design from the reception desk to the feature walls and planters needed to be modualr, reusable and sustainable. 


create and install

Months in the workshop, each carefully, hand crafted piece of this build can and will be reused in a multitude of configurations for many events to come. The bespoke items have been created to work together or stand alone as required. Feature planters were made to be moved with ease, allowing for swift room change for it's many different uses during the event. Each material was sourced to reflect the high end, high precision nature of this world class event. 

It took a small army of meticulous craftsmen just over a week to complete this install - ensuring each item was perfectly placed, sound in its construction and beautifully finished. We're thrilled with the results.


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