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New Balance Retail Packs

Keeping retail partners and their customers informed about the latest products is critical and one of the many important tasks we support New Balance with. 



Retail packs are sent out to retailers in readiness for the launch of new products and while some of the product related contents are managed in house, we also provide some design support tor the pack cotents.


create and install

Product Cards are one part of the pack contents, It is of exceptional value to retailers - a folder featuring all the essential information a retail assistant would need to know about a specialist product in an easy to use, quick to refer to format for when time is of the essence. And of course, it's completely on brand. This, together with promotional and graphic display items, specific to each retailers stock holding are neatly packaged into the kit and mailed across the country in time for launch. 



Each and every retailer is fully informed and furnished with the information and promotional material required to maximise sales of new product lines. 

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