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New Balance SQ

The collaboration between brand and retailer is as important as the connection between retailer and consumer. New Balance and came to us with a brief to create a virtual shopping experiece for their customers which would tie in to the Virgin Money London Marathon.


The design of the virtual space - a London Square, incorporated the store and featured interaction with runner profiles from the New Balance "Rep Yours" campaign, who share their motivation for their sport. NBSQ will develop and grow, providing the opportunity to showcase content and new experiences with alligned brand partnerships going forwards all within the square. 



Working with digital partner Threedium, the SportsShoes store featured the latest running shoe collection with 3D renders of each product in the range allowing the customer to discover and learn about the technology built into the structure of each and every shoe in an engaging and interactive way. 


results speaks for itself. tpd enjoyed excellent feedback from New Balance who commented "Our continued exploration of digital shopping experiences is aimed at bridging the gap between physical and digital shopping environments, in the hope of providing customers with a memorable and engaging education into the brands products and campaigns." and from SportsShoes “This experience showcases the best of 21st century marketing technologies. A partnership that showcases product in a premium and exciting environment. The London SQ is a result of great team work and a great collaboration.”

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