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Sixes is a new cricket themed entertainment venue at 3 locations across the UK. tpd were briefed to develop concepts for the venue exterior designed to increase curb appeal and give each club a social share opportunity that would in turn increase brand awareness.



At Sixes Fulham we devised a smart and social outdoor seating area that could be used year round. We also gave the company Land Rover Discovery, to be parked outside the venue an unmistakeable Sixes treatment.

create and install

Part of the major transformation included repair of the bodywork followed by a mixture of vinyl and paint to change it from Land Rover green to Sixes red for instant recognisability. By removing the canopy at the back of the vehicle, our skilled team were able to transform the rear into an additional seating area providing the ultimate Instagram moment and the ability to start a social conversation around the Club. The truck would also be used in gorilla campaigns at England test matches.