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Diageo Bar Academy

Working in partnership with Threedium, the Diageo Bar Academy 2022 is a digital experience designed to engage, teach and inspire the brand's global network of drinks providers in an unique and creative way.


The virtual Academy comprises 5 rooms. Each space has it's own unique look, feel and purpose and was designed to be experienced and naviagted in a different way. Starting with mood boards, usage and functionality requirements from the client, each space evolved into a defined navicable destination saturated with content and opportunities for interaction.



Building firstly as 2D concepts, the bespoke room designs including features such as wall art, furniture and ornaments were then created in 3D, bringing the concepts to life and ready to be hosted in an explorable virtual space. Content, sizzle reels, product placemet, live feeds and more completed the spaces. As well as the master global site, 5 regional clones were created allowing local cotent to be shared.