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New Balance
Virtual Experience

In partnership with retailer Sports Shoes, New Balance asked tpd to create a virtual customer experience to excite, engage and educate customers in support of the launch of their 1080 V11 Freshfoam running shoe.


Working with immersive technology and AR experts Threedium, tpd devised an innovative animated 3D solution developed around the question ‘what would it look like inside the fibre of the shoe?’ The platform was designed to be visually interesting, educational and promotional.



The bespoke virtual world was cloud like, reflecting the unique attributes of the shoe. The customer is invited to explore and discover the intricate detail of the product provided by exceptional 3D, 360 degree product navigation, learning more about the technology and user benefits of the product through visual cues and supporting text.

The seeding box designed and manufactured at our production facility drove engagement across social channels.



“In testament to New Balances strength in footwear innovation, it was important for us to look at innovation within the way we retail with key partners. This was a great opportunity to showcase New Balance and the amazing product we continue to deliver into the market. It’s a best in class example of work.”

New Balance

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